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All patterns are COUNTED CROSS STITCH not stamped.

We try to make the easiest charts possible. Generally we try to use all whole stitches and minimal backstitching for those who are new to Cross Stitch. Those who are experienced will know where to add 1/2 stitches or backstitch to outline and create their own style.

Many of these patterns can be used for Needlepoint, Afghans and latch hook rugs. Choose a pattern with minimal or no backstitch. If you need help in this matter just e-mail or call.


 Some of the smaller insignia, badges and medals have plenty of backstitch. If you ever have questions about any pattern before or after you purchase, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call.

When you order a pattern you get;

1) A black & white chart with easy-to-read computer generated symbols  and a DMC color key.

2) A color printout of the pattern as it would look finished, with note on how much floss to purchase and stitching instructions.

When you order a Kit, you get the pattern described above with two copies of the b&w chart plus 14 count antique white aida, (unless otherwise noted or requested* ) needle and pre-cut and sorted DMC floss.

You may request your chart(s) be sent as a .jpg attached to an e-mail -in the “comments  or special instructions”  box when checking out, the shipping fee will remain.


*You may request a different color of fabric for your kit (in stock -see fabric page) in the “comments  or special instructions”  box when checking out, this does not apply to WBY fabric.


Customer Service:

Our Kits are made up of generous amounts of DMC floss, but if for any reason you run out of a color, you know, even if the cat ran off with it, the bird made a nest :-)      please e-mail us with the following information.

kit number and description

floss number and color description

your name and mailing address


send us a sample of the color and we will get a replacement out to you right away.

Custom Patterns Copyrighted Military ©

All insignia, etc you see here has been adapted to Cross Stitch by Sherry Harysch, Kaitlyn Harysch or  Evelyn Staley


None of the components of the Department of Defense have approved, endorsed or authorized products on these pages. Permission was obtained to use Naval Academy Class Crests.

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