Request A Chart

If you cannot find what you are looking for and would like a cross stitch pattern for a US military logo, patch, etc you can "Request a Chart".

The charting fee is $35.00

The standard size when finished is usually no larger than 10 inches on the long side. (On 14 count)

Please give me two weeks, after you order, for me to complete your project. (I spend hours if not days on your project cleaning it up after it is converted into pixels by the computer)

Contact us (form below) when you are ready for me to start charting your project or if you have any questions. I will set up a page for you to order. (It always saves time if you attach a good graphic or picture of your request in an e-mail.)

 Please remember, when you are ordering other patterns already available at a reasonable price, that someone else came forward and requested it.  😉